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On My Knees (Page 93)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(93)
Author: Meredith Wild

“F**k,” he groaned. The strain was evident in his features. “Jesus, you’re so f*****g tight.”

I fluttered around him, tightening beyond control.

He hauled me up into his arms, lifting me off the desk completely only to drop me down onto his hard length. I tightened my legs around him, hoisting myself higher for better leverage.

He bit his lip. “You like that?”

“Love it,” I breathed.

He carried us a few steps to the wall, working me over his c**k the whole way. I wasn’t sure how he managed it, but then again, he was a beast of a man and spent all day in the gym. My back hit the cool surface, giving him enough leverage to find new depths. His hands spread under my a*s. He still held me up like I weighed nothing, He pinned my hips to the wall roughly as they met his.

“Oh God.” A shudder worked its way through me, my nipples hardening painfully against the laboring muscles of his chest. The brute force only added to my perilous climb. I loved that he could control my body so easily, take me to the edge of pain and still give me unspeakable pleasure.

“I want to hear you. Tell me what I do to you.”

My eyelids fluttered open. “I love you so much. I need you, Cam. So much.” I leaned in, crushing my lips against his until we were breathless.

His arms tightened around me. We were so close, wrapped up in each other, singularly held in this moment.

His answer was another series of punishing drives into my sensitive tissues. My core clenched, and I went slick allowing him to push deeper still. The bite of his depth was like an electric shock, a snap of mind-frazzling sensation that rendered me speechless and breathless every time he hit the end of me.

My lungs struggled for air. My nails scored down his shoulders. Every muscle froze as we bound ourselves tightly together, only the friction of his brutal entry over and again between us.

He held me with a possessive kiss, claiming my mouth with his, robbing us both of precious air.


The hard rasp of his voice sent a shiver through me. Everything went into the background save the force of the climax as it raged over me. The voice I heard didn’t sound like my own as I screamed his name, letting him take us both over the edge.

He went still, a sweep of raw vulnerability softening his face. His lips parted with jagged breaths. The hot liquid of his release filled me as he held himself deep. I clung to him helplessly, wishing that somehow we could stay this way. Forever entwined, creating a new reality that I’d never need to escape from.

CAMERON. A rapidfire rattle echoed in the background of my mind. My muscles tightened, ready to act. Covered in sweat, I shot up, opening my eyes to the dark room.


I reached over, finding only emptiness in the mess of sheets where she should have been. The inherent panic carried over, and worry churned inside me. Realization dawned as my eyes adjusted, taking in the familiar shapes of my room. My chest expanded on a long, sobering breath. F**k.

I threw my legs over the edge of the bed and hung my head, willing my brain back to reality. Panic flitted through my veins. I was on high-alert, the way I’d been for days on end over the course of many years. The state of being was one I’d grown accustomed to. I couldn’t talk my brain out of it sometimes.

I rose slowly, making my way to the kitchen. I downed a glass of water. My breath finally slowed. I was far away from that life. I kept reminding myself. Yet a niggling irrational dread lingered that one day I’d wake up there again. The mere thought seized my gut. It was a dark hopeless feeling, a repetitive nightmare that wouldn’t quit. No way out. A prison all its own.

I slumped on the couch. Conscious enough to separate dreams from reality, I was now too awake and alert to sleep. I tried to relax. Closing my eyes, my thoughts drifted to Maya. A familiar ache filled me, the one that wanted her with me every minute that she could be. She’d gone back to her apartment after a few days, wanting to check in on Eli and get settled back into her usual work routine. Maybe it was the late nights loving her until we were utterly wasted, but having Maya in my bed kept the specters at bay.

I reached for my phone on the table, flipping through the photos until I found one of Maya. Her blond hair was pulled up tight, loose tendrils framing her face. Soft brown eyes stared back at me, full of hidden meaning. She was posing, dressed for the holiday party I’d nearly dragged her out of. After, I’d made love to her all night. God, I would again if she were here right now. I’d have my way with her, tell her how I loved her, how I never wanted her to go. Buried deep inside her, I’d make her believe it. She’d never doubt it.

I needed this woman. To possess her, to have the world know she was mine to love and to keep. To cherish.

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