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On My Knees (Page 92)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(92)
Author: Meredith Wild

“Just say the word.”

I pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, so grateful for him and his impossible desire to be everything for me. After a moment, he broke the contact.

“How do you do that?” he murmured.


“You make everything still. You’re all I can see. Everything goes out of focus but you.”

A slow smile curved my lips. “Is this a new development?”

“No. When I saw you again for the first time, with all the chaos on the street, I’d actually wondered if I’d recognize you. But I did in an instant. You could have had a spotlight on you. You light up the room, Maya.”

My cheeks heated, as I fell under his potent gaze. “Maybe it’s who lights me up.”

His expression softened. “I hope so.”

I held my breath, waiting for him to touch me, wishing he would. He brushed his thumb over my cheek lightly and fingered the teardrop pearls that hung from my ears. Leaning in slowly, he kissed my jaw, pressing his warm lips against my skin and then my lips until I was tingling everywhere.

His hands went to my hips, sliding down to my thighs. His fingertips slipped under the thin fabric of my skirt. I touched his chest, itching to run my fingers over every hard curve of his body.

He slid his hand up and down my legs, caressing the sensitive skin above my knee.

“I like this. You don’t usually wear skirts to work, do you?”

“I was feeling saucy, like I needed to make a statement when I faced them today.”

He hummed, smiling under my lips. “Are you still feeling saucy?”

I bit my lip, sifting my fingers through the hair that curled at his neck. A tiny spark lit inside me with his words. “Maybe.”

“Long day. I think you deserve a little stress reliever. What do you think?”

I nodded slowly. His gaze turned molten, stoking my spark into a healthy glow. His hand slipped between my thighs, tracing teasing circles all the way up, but evading the place where I needed him the most. I shifted restlessly, hoping he’d take the hint. Instead he lifted me off of him, pushing me back against the desk.

He shoved a few stacks of paperwork aside, making room for me to sit farther back on the desk.

“Lie back.”

I obliged, and he divested me of my skirt and panties.

“See if you helped me out with some of this, I’d have a better surface to f**k you on.”

I laughed. “I’ll take that into consideration.”

“Do, because I can already see I’m going to want to work this into your fitness regimen.”

He sat down and rolled closer, resting my feet on the arms of the chair so I was wide open to him. He kissed his way up my leg. I jolted at the barest brush of his stubble across my sensitive skin. I was already hypersensitive and on edge, too eager for the rush of his mouth over me. I craved it.

“Can’t wait to make you come, Maya.”

My breath hitched. Anticipation crept over me with every soft, teasing touch. He brushed his thumb along the seam of my folds, following the path with a broad stroke of his tongue. A quiet whimper escaped me. I threaded my fingers through his hair, moving in time with the expert strokes he lavished upon me. He rotated evasive licks with tiny flicks of his tongue over my c**t. I wanted to enjoy every minute of this, being spread over his desk and pleasured, but I burned for him. The need to reach that mindless release took over.

I fisted gently when he increased the pressure, waves of warmth washing over me. My skin prickled.

“Cameron, I love your mouth.”

He sucked my c**t between his teeth, and I cried out. He hummed, cursing and muttering delicious and obscene admirations against me.

The edge of my o****m sharpened as he pushed one and then two fingers inside, doing what I sincerely hoped his c**k would be doing to me in short order. I responded immediately, my body pushing to the very edge of the cliff. I needed this. I needed him. The pressure of his tongue on me increased, lavishing and tormenting me.

“F**k. I’m… Oh f**k, I’m going to come.” I slammed my hand down on the desk and tightened helplessly, waiting for him to push me over.

“Do it, baby. Come all over my hand.” The words shot through me. His breath teased my wet skin, and I was at his mercy.

He pumped inside me, sucking my c**t and punishing my G-spot until I cried out. I cursed, coming hard. My body quaked with the lingering shudders.

I was still coming when he stood. He lowered his shorts enough to free his c**k. He was hard as stone, thick and so very ready for me. He wasted little time shoving into me. I bowed off the desk. The rush of him filling me sent my tapering o****m back into overdrive.

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