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On My Knees (Page 87)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(87)
Author: Meredith Wild

We stepped into the tiny bakery, the smells of fresh dough and chocolate wafting over us.

“God, these all look amazing. What are you getting?” Maya’s eyes were wide as she assessed the pastries through the display window.

“I’ll stick with coffee. Get whatever you want, though.”

She spun and looked at me like I had three heads, her brows knitted tightly together. “You work me to the brink of death, then lure me to a bakery offering mouth watering desserts and tell me you’re just getting coffee?”

“I have to watch my figure,” I joked. “Can’t have my clients giving me a hard time.”

“Whatever, you’re holding them accountable. Not the other way around.”

“Does that mean I should be holding you accountable too?”

“I’m not your client, but I’m humoring you. You can torture me with your workouts, but don’t get between me and my chocolate. It could get ugly.”

I laughed. “Warning noted.”

“In fact, to make this point, I’m going to get two.”

I nodded with raised eyebrows. “Ambitious.”

She smiled broadly, and I got a small thrill out of her obvious excitement. We took our desserts and drinks to a small round table in the corner of the bakery. She wasted no time tasting the first dessert. She moaned quietly.

“That good?” I teased.

“You’re really missing out.” She dangled a spoonful of chocolate mousse in front of me.

“Looks amazing, but I’m good. Stop taunting me.”

She airplaned the spoon into her mouth and moaned so loud, my mouth watered, but for all the wrong reasons. She opened an eye to catch my reaction. I was gawking, slack jawed.


I slid my chair closer, taking the spoon from her. “Here, let me.” I scooped out another helping and held it to her lips.

Slowly she parted for me and took it in her mouth. She licked the spoon clean, her throat working on a swallow. I suppressed a moan of my own. I wanted to be that spoon. Christ, did I ever. I licked my lips and shoved a vision of her licking chocolate mousse off my c**k out of my head. How did we get from dessert to dirty so f*****g fast?

I lifted a fresh scoop to her lips. She took it and closed her eyes, a quieter moan punctuating the finish. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to drive me crazy on purpose. I was too fixated on feeding her dessert to care. We could do this all night, except I was already getting hard and we had a long walk home.

“It’s really good, Cam,” she said, breaking me from one of a dozen visions blooming from my now suddenly vivid imagination.

“That good?”

She nodded, slowly licking the frothy substance from her lips. “Delicious.”

Delicious. I let the word roll around in my mind, letting it dance over the fantasies that were playing out.

I leaned in slowly until our lips nearly touched. “I’ll need to try some of it then.”

She sucked in a breath but gave no resistance. I angled slightly and licked the sweet curve of her lower lip. Catching her face in my palm, I held her still and kissed her gently.

The clatter of a couple situating themselves nearby broke the moment. She pulled back quickly. I studied her reaction.


“See, don’t you wish you’d gotten it?” Her voice was breathy, our gazes fixed on one another.

“And miss sampling it off your lips? Not for the world.”

She paused and contemplated the as yet untouched tiramisu for a second.

“Give me that fork.” I took her fork and scooped off a corner of the dessert. I ate it, noting that it would taste far better when I was licking it off of Maya.

She grinned broadly. “I’m corrupting you.”

“That’s okay. I’ll make you pay for it tomorrow.”

She slapped me on the arm. “That’s not fair. You cheat and I pay?”

“My rules.”

“Why are they always your rules? Maybe next week should be my rules. No exercise and I’ll have you on a strict diet of chicken fingers and gummy bears.”

I grimaced at the thought. “That s**t’s terrible for you, Maya.”

“I know, and I have the a*s to show for it.”

I frowned, not liking her implication. “I love your a*s,” I said with total seriousness.

Her eyes flashed to mine and then back to her dessert, which she was systematically mangling with her fork. “Quit,” she mumbled, tucking her hair behind her ear and revealing the sudden blush in her cheeks.

The color emboldened me. I leaned in closer, ensuring only she could hear me. “Don’t make me prove it right here.”

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