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On My Knees (Page 84)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(84)
Author: Meredith Wild

I pulled out and lay on my side next to her, our bodies touching. Her head fell to the side to gaze at me. All noticeable signs of worry and her earlier stress had vanished.

“That was incredible.”

My lips curved into a wry smile. “I’m just getting started.”

I ran a flat palm over her breasts and her belly, and then lower. She quivered when I touched her. I tucked my knee under her thighs as they fell apart. I nudged them farther until she was spread for me.

Sifting through her soft curls, I traced the seam of her p***y. She was wet, dripping with my release. I bit my lip. My cocked surged to life quickly, the ache in my balls returning with the need to do it all over again. I resisted, holding her in a heated stare while my fingers found their mark. I stroked through the lips of her sex, teasing the soft inner flesh until I was inside her again. Curving carefully into her wet heat, I found her G-spot and gave it gentle rub. She jerked at the slightest touch.

“What are you doing to me?”

I withdrew, putting my thumb to work over and around her c**t. Then slid inside again, teasing her inside and out. “I’m going to make you lose count of the ways I make you come tonight.”

Her whimpers and the erotic sound of the rapid penetration into her wetness were the only noises around us. Her skin, slick with sweat, heated against me. She shifted and squirmed, like she might wriggle free in her increasing restlessness. I lifted to my elbow and lowered over her, pressing her back down with a hard kiss. I pumped harder, more vigorously and with less restraint, until she came apart. Our lips broke contact and her loud throaty cry filled the room as she seized around me.

When I withdrew she was shaking, her limbs draped boneless across the bed. I might have taken mercy on her then, but I was hard and ready for her again. I was going to f**k her until she begged me to stop.

“One more, baby. Can you get up on your knees?”

Her eyebrows rose slightly. “No f*****g way. I can’t move. Who are you, Hercules?”

I laughed and turned her to the side, spooning her from behind.

“I’m not letting you off that easy.”

I kissed over the dark designs down her back, her shoulders, the long line of her neck. Then I drove into her again. As limp as she’d felt a second ago, she was tight around me now.

I withdrew slowly, mesmerized by the vision of feeding my c**k into her again. Her skin flushed all the way up her back. Tiny circles reddened her hips where I’d marked her. I became impossibly harder at the sight of them. I thrust deep, relentlessly taking our bodies where we desperately wanted to go, again and again.

“Love the way you feel. I’ll never get tired of this, being this close to you, Maya,” I rasped into her ear. I breathed her in, savoring every part of this moment together.

“You’re so deep.” She covered my arm as I wrapped it around her, drawing her against me. Her p***y was still tight from her o*****s, still responding when I drove in her.

Inspired, I slammed harder. Her breath caught in a strangled moan. She shifted her hips and leaned away so I was able to go deeper, until I was certain I was hitting the very heart of her.

I rooted, again and again, driving steadily, chasing my own desire. I was lost in her, never wanting this closeness between us to end. I was so ramped up I could almost taste it. She’d be sore tomorrow, but I didn’t care.

I was taking her past her boundaries tonight and losing my own damn mind in the process. I grabbed the meat of her a*s in my hand, assessing the ample flesh there. From this vantage—and all others for that matter—it was f*****g perfect.

I gave it a hard smack, watching at the print of my hand surfaced in a pink outline. She cried out pressed back against me, her p***y crushing down around me. I smacked her again, driving deep as I did. She cried out, a thready wavering sound. Her outstretched hands grabbed fistfuls of the sheet.

“Come, Maya. Give me everything.”

She fell apart with a broken cry, her body rigid in a state of perpetual climax, taking me down with her. I burst inside her. An almost painful release matched the tight fist of hers. I held us there, joined, wasted, until we slipped into sleep.

When I woke, the room was dark save for the moonlight pouring into the window. We’d fallen asleep this way, our bodies tangled. I think. I couldn’t remember falling asleep. I rubbed my eyes, reminding myself that I hadn’t been drunk but the night was hazy. Flashes of everything we’d done flooded my mind. I don’t think I’d ever f****d a woman quite as thoroughly as I’d f****d Maya tonight. If she hadn’t been completely out of her mind with desire, I sure as hell was. We’d damn near blacked out afterwards. If that didn’t rival a night of heavy drinking, I didn’t know what could.

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