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On My Knees (Page 83)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(83)
Author: Meredith Wild

I moved to kiss her shoulders, all the way up her neck to her ear, enticing more tiny shivers from her. She gripped my waist, urging me closer. I wanted to bury myself in her. My patience was waning.

“Are you on the pill?”

She blinked rapidly, as if she needed to regain her focus to answer the question. “Yeah.”

I grazed her throat with my hand, pausing a second over the steady pulse at her neck. I moved south until my fingers crept to the top of her thighs, teasing down over the soft cotton of her panties where she was soaked through for me. With a little pressure she reacted, bucking into my hand. I slid the fabric to the side and slipped my fingers through her moist folds. She gripped my arm and gasped when I pushed inside her. My c**k ached to be there, ravaging her. I’d be there soon.

“I want to be here, Maya, coming inside you…”

“I’ve always been safe, Cam. You’re the only one.”

I kissed her hard, swallowing her promise. She moaned, arching into my chest. I trusted her, and she trusted me to bring her through this.

Trust, the benevolent warrior fighting the misgivings that had plagued us, pulsed between us now. Trust and this love that even she could no longer deny perhaps was the bridge that would take us from who we were to who we’d become. Maybe it could be enough to undo all the hurt we’d caused one another.

“I want to make love to you, but you need to tell me if it’s too much right now.”

“I need too much.” She ran her fingers up my chest, shifted her body against me, charging my already full erection further. “I need this. Make me forget everything. All I want is this moment between us. Make it last as long as we can.”

I caught her mouth, kissing her tenderly. A small moan hummed through her tiny frame as I licked her tongue, sucking softly, and then deeper, exploring her mouth. When she opened her eyes, her half-lidded gaze met my own. My heart twisted painfully.

“I could kiss you like this forever. You’re so sweet and soft.” I brushed my knuckles over the blush of her cheek that grew darker with the words.

“I’m going to need something stronger than a kiss.”

I laughed quietly. I tugged off her panties, lowered, and wasted no time pressing into her. Anxious, I wanted to sheath her in one fierce thrust. But I wanted to experience every second of this decadent moment, draw it out as she pulled me deeper.

And she felt amazing, warm and snug around me, the only place I’d ever wanted to be.

I’d wanted this from the beginning, but we’d had too many hurdles between us to broach the subject of our sexual histories before. It was almost worth avoiding altogether, except for the exquisite rush of our bodies being joined now with nothing to separate us.

The mere thought of her being with other men filled me with a fiery jealousy. In a rash need to claim her for myself, I rooted deeply, as deep as I’d ever been. She gasped. Every muscle tensed, locking me to her. When my eyes went to her, her mouth had fallen open, harsh breath heaving her chest. Her lip quivered. She pulsed around my c**k as I held myself deep within her.

“You okay?”

“God yes.”

“Did I hurt you?”

“It’s impossible for you to hurt me. You know my body too well. You always have.”

I released some tension, though I was still coiled tight, ready to spring into loving her passionately.

“This is what I want, Maya. Nothing between us.”

“This is what I want too. I want you, us. Please don’t stop.”

She dug her nails into my a*s and I jerked against her, spurring the first of a series of thrusts that had her unraveling quickly in my arms. The rush of pleasure took hold quickly.

“Cam, oh God.”

The way she was clenched down around me, slick and yet possessive, I couldn’t stop. Instead I sped up, driving deep, the delicious friction between us taking us both out of our minds. We came together, an explosion of heat and riotous emotion. I jetted inside her. I cursed, marking her as I held her hips firmly in place.

I wanted to fill her, to possess her fully this way always. In my mindless state I dared to imagine that time hadn’t come between us. What could this feel like, to come inside her with the hope that we could make a life between us, with this love? A love that was growing stronger by the day, rooting itself in our lives despite all the doubts.

I exhaled heavily and rested over her. Crazy thoughts. Falling in love with her this time around was taking hold of me in different ways. The thought was intoxicating, if severely premature.

She sagged beneath me, catching her breath. I thrust again gently and she contracted, her delicious grip rippling over me. I was wrecked and still hard, but I hadn’t meant to come so soon. I had plans to do a lot more.

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