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On My Knees (Page 70)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(70)
Author: Meredith Wild

Her brow wrinkled. “Maya, do you want to be promoted?”


“Then, relax.” She started on the top button of my blouse. “We’ll make it fun, okay?”

“Jia, I can’t do this.” I jolted back, out of her grasp. Her hands fell down.

“Is this about Cameron?”

I fumbled for an answer, thoughts whizzing through my mind. “Maybe.”

“He never needs to know. Plus, you can’t let him tell you what to do.”

“This is insane. Kevin will be in here any minute.”

“He will, and we’re going to give him a good show. You’ll like it, Maya. Then he’ll do his thing, but don’t worry, that never lasts too long. You’ll be all blissed out from me making you come to even notice anyway.” A dark smile curved her lips. “You do this and we might both get promotions.”

“Are you f*****g kidding me?”

She rolled her eyes, her sultry voice hardening again. “He’s bored.”

“He’s married.”

“Oh, who cares? You think half these guys don’t f**k around? Anyway, he’s never seen two women together. We’re hot, we like each other, and he gets off. Everyone wins. If we’re lucky, he’ll come in his hand before he can put it in either of us.”

My mouth opened wordlessly.

“Ladies.” Kevin’s voice echoed through the room as he entered “Don’t let me interrupt you.” He closed the door behind him and loosened his tie, tossing it to the side. Undoing the first few buttons of his shirt, he sat leisurely on the adjacent chair. His legs were wide and casual, and he bit his lip. He gazed up at us with an obvious hunger. The sexual voyeur who I used to think of as my boss was now waiting with waning patience for Jia to start the show.

“Where do you want us, Kev?”

He nodded to the desk. “Right there. I want to f**k her on it after.”

My heart beat rapidly, my head swimming in a sudden dizziness. This was too much. For starters, I wasn’t drunk enough to remotely consider this. Secondly, this was my job, my livelihood we were talking about. I didn’t gamble with that.

With no signs of hesitation, Jia started to unbutton her silk blouse while I tried to get a handle on the proposition she’d just landed on me. In a matter of moments she’d slipped off her skirt and stood before me, clad only in dark lavender lace under-things, her thighs decorated with lace topped stockings. She went for the buttons on my blouse again and pulled me into another kiss. Her lips were rougher, more demanding this time, blinding my ability to think clearly.

This wasn’t happening. This could not possibly be happening. Jia was beautiful, a friend, sexier than I’d given her proper credit for. Sure we’d had our moment at the club, but I hadn’t really thought of her like this. We’d just been having fun before, but this was far beyond the boundaries of our friendship.

I darted my gaze around the room, wishing someone could save me from this totally f****d up situation. Dermott readjusted himself, his eyes never leaving us. A wave of nausea hit me. This was eleven shades of wrong. I tensed, resisting the urge to push her off of me even though that’s all I could think of doing.

“What?” she whispered.

I shook my head slightly, hoping the motion was imperceptible to Dermott. She hushed me again, her frown disappearing with a slow, sexy smile. She slid her hand between my legs and pressed against me through the fabric of my pants.

“I won’t bite, I promise,” she whispered.

I took a step back, leaving her at the desk. With shaking hands, I fumbled with my buttons, trying to pull myself back together.

“I’m sorry.” I shook my head. I couldn’t find the words to say anything else. I turned and left. Rushing toward my cubicle, I struggled with the last buttons on my blouse. The office was empty except for the cleaning crew that hadn’t made its way to our part of the floor yet.

I went to my office to grab my purse and stopped suddenly when Cameron was sitting at my desk. He was doodling on a notepad, his legs outstretched, filling up the small workspace with his large frame.

He looked up with a bright smile that quickly faded as he assessed me. A second later Dermott was there, unaware of Cameron’s presence. He looked irritated and somehow determined. Before he could speak, Cameron rose.

“What’s going on here?” Cameron’s voice barely hid a rage that I sensed was growing rapidly below the surface.

Dermott straightened. Cameron was wearing a thermal henley that highlighted the strength of his chest. A detail that was no doubt noted as Dermott quickly recovered himself.

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