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On My Knees (Page 67)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(67)
Author: Meredith Wild

“I’ll take your body, but I want your heart, Maya.”

My nipples tightened, grazing against the hard planes of his chest as he slid lower, his arms tightening around my waist. He lashed the hardened tips of my nipples with his tongue, his eyes holding my gaze seductively. His heated breaths tantalized my wet flesh. He placed an open mouthed kiss on my belly, pinpointing the enflamed coil that tightened there. Heat shot through me and I wanted him everywhere at once. Over me, inside me, fiercely taking me until I lost all sense of myself, until I forgot what those words meant.

As if in reply to my silent longing, he grabbed my hip, jerking me lower until he hovered over me. I went wet at the hint of his strength. God, the things he could do to me.

I lifted my hips until the heat of his condom-clad erection slid between the slick folds of my sex. I closed my eyes, clenching my jaw, the tension seizing all of my senses. “Now, Cameron.”

“Look at me.”

My eyes flew open at the sharp command of his voice. Before I could speak he drove into me so suddenly that I whimpered at the fullness. I opened my mouth but words caught. He took my nape with his other hand, leveraging my body so firmly that when he thrust again, I swore he hit the very end of me.

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes.” I gasped, sucking in a sharp breath as I tightened.

“Every inch of me driving into you?”

“Oh God,” I moaned. I wrapped my legs around his strong thighs as if I could possibly control his strength with my own. The first of what was sure to be many o*****s took its hold, the slow ember of desire now a wild heat rushing over me as he powered into me.

“I’ll f**k you this way until you beg me to stop. I’ll make you scream, and you’ll feel the memory of me inside you tomorrow. Is that what you want?”

“Yes… yes…” The slow tremble that vibrated through me transformed into a violent shuddering at the uncensored promises falling from his beautiful lips. My physical reaction was answer enough. I kept my gaze trained on his, but struggled to maintain the contact as he found an intense rhythm that was quickly short-circuiting my ability to think beyond my instincts.

He kissed me passionately, tenderness giving way to an urgent f*****g of my mouth. I gripped his hair tightly, arching in time with his violent undulations.

“This is me, Maya. F*****g you, loving you.”

He lifted my hips a few inches off the bed, driving into me at an angle that had the room spinning. I cried out, dragging my nails down his arm, unable to control the climax that had taken me over, heart, mind and soul. Our bodies melded together, my p***y tightened down on him. I clung to him, my hands slipping against the sweat on his skin.

I couldn’t let go, every part of me entwined with him. He kept on, burying himself deeply one last time with a strangled groan, my name on his lips. The sound echoed off the walls, disappearing like the lightening of our release.

I shivered at his breath on my neck, the aftershocks of the o****m flitting through me with the slow return to coherent thought. That had been intense, but he’d certainly delivered on his earlier promise.

He kissed me softly, brushing the hair back from my face.

“Tell me you love me, Maya.”

My jaw tightened. The words rooted in my gut somewhere, tied up by all the confused emotions surrounding our new relationship. I wanted to tell him, but even in this warm post-coital bliss, something held me back. Pride, maybe. Saying it meant forgiving everything he’d put me through, handing over my heart for real. Fully entrusting him with it again. In a way, I already had, but I needed to be able to hold something back, even if it was those three little words.

He held me in his gaze, his blue eyes tired and full of emotion. “Why can’t you say it?”

I relaxed back into the bed, running my finger along the stubble of his jaw.

“Answer me.”

“I’m not ready.” No words were truer. I wasn’t sure when I would be, but I couldn’t give in to his simple request.

He brushed his thumb over my lips. “How about I make love to you until you do?”

My lips went dry, and I licked them. He captured one, sucking it into his mouth, nipping and soothing until I moaned. I tightened my hold around him, and he kissed me deeper, like he was pouring every ounce of love he felt into me.

CAMERON. She’d already left for work when I woke up. I put my suit back on and found my way into the living room. Eli poked his head out from the kitchen.

“Hey.” He waved.

“Sorry, I was just leaving.”

“You want some coffee?”

I hesitated, unsure whether I wanted to risk a post-mortem with her roommate. He seemed good-natured but Maya was giving me enough grief. Coffee sounded good though, and necessary. I’d kept us up most of the night. My body and brain were sluggish, but not enough to regret it.

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