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On My Knees (Page 64)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(64)
Author: Meredith Wild

“He can be,” I said. I liked it, though. I craved it. When he looked at me, as if he were looking straight into my soul, nothing else mattered. No one had ever seen me the way Cameron had, known me the way he did. No one.

CAMERON. Maya moved from group to group, Jia by her side. I knew nothing about this world, but I hoped for Maya’s sake that all was going well. Her work didn’t seem to make her very happy, but perhaps that could change with the right connections. I turned back to the bar, regretting that Jia might be one of those connections. Something about the woman turned me. Her sharp brown eyes seemed to quietly assess me each time we met, like she was trying to figure me out. Wisely, Maya didn’t speak of her much, but I knew they were spending more and more time together at work.

I heard a woman’s sultry voice behind me. “Cam.”

I turned. Jia greeted me with a slanted smile.

“Jia.” I regarded her coolly. “Where’s Maya?”

“Talking to some people. I thought I’d give her a few minutes to fly solo.”

She canted her head at me. My skin crawled. Maybe I shouldn’t have disliked her as much as I did. Then again, last time I’d seen her, she’d nearly had her tongue down Maya’s throat.

“Maya looks beautiful tonight,” she purred, glancing over her shoulder.

She did, her pale skin glowing against the black satin of her dress. Jia turned back, her gaze traveling over me suggestively. I shifted my weight, wishing she’d leave. I didn’t know anyone here, but she wasn’t exactly what I would consider a friendly face.

“You clean up nice too, Cam.”

She traced a finger along the lines of my jacket. I resisted the urge to brush her hand away, reaching instead for my glass to take a deep swallow of the amber liquid. Maya didn’t need any drama tonight. I had promised to be supportive.

“Did you have fun the other night?”

I shrugged. “Can’t say I’d do it again.”

“No? You two left early. That couldn’t have been all bad.”

I avoided her eyes, unwilling to take the bait.

“We should go out sometime, the three of us. It’d be fun.”

Her lips curled into a seductive smile, her tongue wetting her lower lip. The gesture fueled the growing irritation I felt in her presence.

“What are you two doing later?”

I took a deep breath, wondering how long this line of questioning was going to last. “Going back home, I imagine.”

“I live close by. You two should come by for a drink.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “No thanks.”

She leaned in closer, and her perfume wafted over me. “You don’t need to pretend with me, Cam,” she whispered, brushing the side of her body against me gently.

From the outside, her proximity might have seemed normal, casual even, but everything about the way she moved around me seemed charged with intent.

“Whatever you’re implying, Jia, I’m not interested, and neither is Maya. I can assure you.”

She cocked her eyebrow and glanced back to Maya. “I’m not so sure about that. She might be a little more curious than you give her credit for. Could be fun.”

I tensed. I couldn’t care less how anyone’s sexual orientation fell, but I’d be damned if I was going to share Maya’s affections, or body, with anyone. Jia could paint a picture that would be anyone’s fleeting fantasy, but I’d be the only one in Maya’s bed.

She slid her hand up my arm, squeezing me slightly. “Relax. You’re overanalyzing this. You could do whatever you wanted with us. Have us both or just watch. Wouldn’t you like to watch another woman make her come?”

I would have dragged Jia out of here by her hair if the thought of being jealous of another woman making advances on the girl I loved hadn’t struck me as too odd to act on. I drew a slow breath, gathering my self-control. I wanted nothing more than to shove her off and take Maya back home, so I could show her again exactly how I’d be the only one to please her.

“I appreciate the offer, Jia, but with all due respect, that’s never going to f*****g happen.”

She laughed quietly. “I’m not a threat, you know. You’re taking it too seriously.”

I straightened, facing her fully, so she’d understand that I wasn’t remotely susceptible to her feminine wiles. “You want to f**k my girlfriend. I’m taking that seriously. But Maya thinks of you as a friend, so I’m going to say this politely, once. Put the idea right out of your head or—”

“Or what?”

I breathed through my teeth, suppressing a growl. “I’m sure there are people here who’d be interested to know what you’re trying to do.”

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