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On My Knees (Page 63)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(63)
Author: Meredith Wild

“I’ll tell you exactly what I want. I want you dripping wet, in my mouth, coming until you think you can’t come anymore.”

“Oh,” she breathed, her chest laboring for air.

“Then you’re going to beg me to f**k you.”

She closed her eyes, biting her lip. Her hips shifted restlessly.

“Hard and repeatedly.” I growled. “I didn’t nearly get my fill of you the other night. We have catching up to do.”

She exhaled sharply. Her once steady gaze now clouded with the animal need that pulsed through me too.

“Promise?” Her lip quivered slightly as the word left her.

“I can’t promise I won’t take you right here and now unless you get us out of here and save me from myself.”

MAYA. He steered the SUV casually with one hand and kept another firmly on my thigh, tracing the sensitive skin above my knee.

I flexed my fingers, rubbing them nervously against the smooth leather seat. I tried to focus on the road ahead, the ebb and flow of evening traffic. They did little to block out the visions his dirty promises conjured. I’d been trembling I wanted him so badly, but at least he’d had the strength to get us moving.

He’d taken my breath away by merely entering the room. Dressed in a black suit, he was irresistible in a whole new way. Now I fought the little voice inside my head proposing we turn around, skip the party, and go straight to bed. Dermott would have my a*s if I even considered it, and somewhere I remembered I would be letting Jia down too, after all she’d done for me.

“Are you nervous?”

“Maybe, a little,” I admitted. I’d never come to these things with any intention other than to chat with the few people I already knew. I’d never considered it a networking event with opportunities for advancement.

“Are you worried about me being there with you?”

“No, I’m glad you’re going. I wasn’t lying about needing reinforcements.” The thought of having him by my side was reassuring, even though he’d likely feel more out of place than I usually did.

“You’ll do fine.” He gave my knee a little squeeze.

We pulled up to the hotel awning, and the valet helped us out. The ballroom was already filled with hundreds of people. I hoped to spot a friendly face when I saw Vanessa speaking heatedly to someone who appeared to be part of the hotel staff.

Her countenance became friendly when we approached. “You came!” She pulled me into a small hug and gave Cameron a kiss on the cheek.

“How’s everything going?”

“Good so far, I think.”

Before I could ask her anything else, Jia slid up beside me.

“Maya.” She leaned in and air-kissed my cheek. “You look amazing.”

The relief of seeing her among the crowd dissipated when I remembered the last time Cameron had seen us together. I tensed under both their gazes. Jia glanced expectantly up to Cameron whose tall frame towered over us. Somehow he looked even more imposing and impressive in a suit, though deep down I knew it wasn’t his style at all.

I cleared my throat, trying to find my voice. “Jia, this is Cameron. Um, my boyfriend. Cameron, Jia is one of the VPs in my office.” The last bit of information was unnecessary, but I wanted the introduction to sound more formal somehow. Christ, this was awkward.

Jia held out a hand and shook his. “Cameron, it’s a pleasure.”

Cameron’s jaw twitched as he nodded wordlessly.

“Would you mind if I stole Maya from you?”
His eyebrows shot up.

She hooked her elbow into mine with a smile. “We have some mingling to do.”

Cameron looked to me, as if for the okay to release me into her custody. I gave a reassuring smile.

“I’ll be at the bar if you need me.”

I squeezed his hand slightly before Jia pulled me away, effectively breaking our contact and launching me into the activity of the party.

“Champagne?” She caught a flute from a passing tray.

“No, thanks. I’m fine.”

“You sure? You seem nervous.”

“I am a little, but I’m fine.” Tossing one back would help my nerves considerably, but I needed to stay straight tonight. My willpower was on track, and I had Jia to help me through this.

“So Cameron? You’re official now?”

I fidgeted nervously with my clutch. “Yeah, I guess so. We’re figuring things out.”

She took a slow sip from her glass and glanced back at the bar where he stood, his broad back to us. I sighed inwardly at the thought of taking that suit off of him tonight, revealing the man beneath.

“He’s a little intense.”

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