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On My Knees (Page 61)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(61)
Author: Meredith Wild

My arms tightened around her. My tongue sought hers, delving deep, kissing hard, probing into the wet depths of her mouth. She moaned quietly, tightening her grip on my hair. I let my hands wander, over her a*s and thighs, over the sheer dark fabric of her blouse where her nipples jutted out. I let the point slide over my palm as I cupped her breast through the thin barrier of her bra and clothing. She shifted her bottom against my lap, increasing the pressure on my c**k.

Already, wildly erotic visions of what I could do to her passed through my mind. I was vaguely aware of their inappropriateness given our current setting, but I missed her so much it hurt.

My body ached to be with her. That much was certain. But something happened to my heart when she was with me, pressed close the way she was now. Some chemicals were likely firing off in my brain, reminding me what real happiness felt like. Happiness, bliss even, seemed to find its way to me when we were together, in the peaceful pockets of time when we weren’t fighting or driving each other crazy rehashing the past and the terms of our future. Now that I’d explained I wasn’t going to negotiate anymore when it came to our relationship, I hoped the peace would replace the tug of war of finding my way back to her heart.

I drew a hard line with my fingertips up between her thighs, finding her most sensitive spot through her pants. The repetitive motion elicited a gasp. Her lips left mine suddenly, parted with jagged breaths.

With restless hands, she grabbed at the bottom of my shirt. “Take this off.”

Her eagerness was seriously affecting my ability to think clearly. “Are you sure?”

“Do it.”

I pulled it off. When I could see again, she’d slipped off my lap and onto her knees on the floor in front of me. Her hands slid up the inside of my thighs over my jeans, cupping over my semi-hard c**k. I blew out a slow breath, struggling to regain control over my brain and better judgment.

“This probably isn’t a good idea. Anyone could walk in.”

“The door is locked. Plus, that sandwich didn’t quite hit the spot.”

She licked her lips seductively, and my balls ached in response.

“What are you saying?”

“I want you in my mouth. I’ve been thinking about it all day. Indulge me.”

“Christ. When you put it that way, how am I supposed to say no?”

“Don’t.” She lowered her head, trailing hot breathy kisses along my erection that warmed through my jeans. I ground my teeth, losing my resolve.

She had my belt undone and jeans unzipped a second later. I lifted as she pulled them down just enough to free my c**k. Circling it with her hand, she stroked gently. Her other hand moved higher, over my stomach and the muscles that tightened in anticipation.

She flicked tiny licks across the head. Her skin flushed and her lips shone as they spread over me. I was already hard, but my c**k grew as it disappeared from view into the hot silk of her mouth.

I exhaled sharply, withholding a string of curses at the sensation.

She took more of me with each stroke, gentle grasps becoming firmer, drawing me up with her mouth and hands. Each motion, every expert flourish of her tongue brought me closer to the edge.

She released me suddenly, her hand replacing the pattern of her mouth. Her lips were swollen and her breaths came hard. Her eyes gleamed, reflecting our desire.

“Everything okay?”

“You’re just so f*****g impressive. Your body, everything.”

A stupid grin split my face. I laughed quietly. “I’m not sure what’s swelling faster, my dick or my ego.”

She smirked. “I think I know.”

She disappeared behind a sweep of hair as she lowered over me again. She was everywhere, her hand stroking the base of me as I shafted her mouth. Her tongue did something crazy that I couldn’t completely identify. The slow graze of her teeth put me on edge. Then a hard suck, over and over, until I knew I couldn’t take much more.

“F**k. Like that, baby.”

I groaned, fisting my hand in her hair, guiding her motions now. I wanted to throw my head back, close my eyes against the heightened sensations, but I was transfixed on her. I pushed her hair back, wanting to see her face. I couldn’t leave the sight of her and the selfless carnal way she was pleasing me.

She gently dug her nails into my thigh, and I arched into her mouth. When my head hit the back of her throat, I lost all control. My abdomen and thighs clenched almost painfully. My hips seized with the force of the climax. I released into her mouth, now soft and accommodating. I leaned back, holding my head in my hands, dizzy in the sudden darkness. Her tongue slid gently over my head, the light touch enough to jolt through me.

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