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On My Knees (Page 52)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(52)
Author: Meredith Wild

“Hurry.” I tightened my fingers through his, breathless with want.

He held me in his gaze as he slid deep, deliberate, and slow. “I want to feel you. It’s been too long.” The rumble in his voice vibrated through me.

“Cam…” I whimpered. I could have been praying, for all the power this man held over me, how at his mercy I was. When he was fully inside me, I swallowed over the sudden urge to cry. Something about the deep connection of our bodies in this moment had me unraveling. I loved this man, even though I couldn’t say the words now. I loved him so much I could scarcely breathe.

He lowered, sealing our lips with a possessive kiss. He retreated slowly and thrust again. I shuddered at the exquisite sensation of him filling me, over and over. He made his presence known as my body stretched to accommodate the invasion, a bittersweet pleasure that I’d come to love, to crave.

He moved a hand to my hip, lifting and angling me so he could deepen the penetration. Immediately I let my free hand roam through his hair, down his chest, clawing at his waist as he pumped into me. His hips ground against mine as he claimed me in the most intimate way possible.

The tip of his c**k massaged me from the inside, hitting a sensitive spot. He filled me so completely, there was no missing it. Pleasure coursed through me like lightening every time he grazed it, satisfying the sweet ache.

Every motion brought me closer to the edge. The rhythmic friction, the tight grip of my flesh encircling his had me coming apart at the seams. An o****m was within reach and the tease of the sensation had me spasming, my p***y clutching against him to heighten the impact of every stroke. I cried out, my head rearing back on the pillow.

“F**k.” His forehead dropped to the bed beside me, his breath on my neck. “Maya…you’re so sensitive.”

“I can’t help it. You feel incredible.” My breaths came fast, my mind reeling with desire. “Please don’t stop.”

I caged him to me tightly with my thighs, desperate to know his strength as he let go.

“Hard, Cam. Please I want you deep.”

He growled in my ear, taking my earlobe in his mouth. “I’ll bruise you.”

“Then bruise me. I can’t wait anymore. I need all of you.”

He found my mouth, the intensity of his kiss a prelude to what would come. My words set him off, spurring a rugged pace. I clung to him, my body wrapped perilously around his unyielding frame. He moved with fierce drives, his muscles rippling under the heated flesh as he powered deep.

I wanted to cry out, but I was already at the edge. My voice and every limb were paralyzed by the climax as it ripped through me. A violent heat exploded from my core and finally brought air to my lungs. With it, a thready cry tore from me, the last of my resistance going with it.

Through the blur of my release, I stayed with him, ready to see him over the edge. His jaw tensed, and his eyes closed. He cursed. Burying his c**k until it reached the very end of me one last time, he froze.


A guttural groan escaped as he came. He collapsed over me, his c**k pulsing inside me with the aftershocks that trembled between us.

He encircled me in his arms. His heart beat against my chest, proof of the stampede of energy that coursed through us both. Pressing breathy kisses over my skin, he soothed the wild rush. I threaded my fingers through the damp strands of his hair. Every small touch seemed right and true between us.

Bliss, an intoxicating contentment, washed over me. I chased after the memory of the pleasure. I opened my eyes when he shifted over me. He rested on his elbows, a lazy smile lighting up his face.

I smiled in reply. “What?”

“Nothing like make-up sex five years in the making.”

I laughed. A tired heaviness inside me lifted, making room for his warmth, this simple happiness. My soul was lighter, stripped for the moment of my emotional defenses. As if by a light shining through the clouds, a dark memory from our past brightened. I remembered this. This had been our love.

CAMERON. We lay there for a long time, drifting in and out of sleep. I had no desire to leave or move if it meant putting unnecessary distance between us. I had her, and I had no intention of letting her go.

Her back was to me, her body barely covered by the sheet. Her chest moved with a steady rise and fall that told me she was sleeping. Somehow, between last night and this afternoon, I’d completely missed that she had a large tattoo on her back. I moved the sheet enough to reveal all of it. I traced the black ink that marked her skin, the flesh raised slightly beneath my fingertips like a scar. I wondered what this meant—a sketch of jagged branches drawn at the small of her back and a flock of stark black birds taking flight up the side of her torso.

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