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On My Knees (Page 48)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(48)
Author: Meredith Wild

My heart thumped rapidly. With the quiet determination of a man who had every intention of getting what he wanted, he crawled onto the bed after me. Catching my ankle, he lifted my leg and began a slow trail of kisses from my calf to my knee, repeating the journey on the other side.

I snapped my mouth shut to suppress a gasp at the contact, wishing I were sober enough to find the right words to stop him, to play a little hard to get. I could tell him to f**k off, but that seemed like it would backfire. Plus I was already a quivering mess at the way he was coming at me, like a predator hunting his prey. I was mad as hell, but I still wanted him. Possibly more than I ever had.

His journey took him higher, pressing hot kisses along the way. He took a hard suck of soft skin of my inner thigh, centimeters from the throbbing flesh of my sex. I moaned and let my head fall back. He inched his hand over my hip and belly, splaying his open hand between my jutting breasts. I lifted my head to gaze at him. His eyes were dark, so serious they took my breath away. With a little pressure, he flattened me to my back and wasted little time stripping me of the last tiny barrier of my clothing.

CAMERON. I stood at the edge of the bed a moment too long, simply staring. The worry that she’d run off or protest if I stopped was overrun by the overwhelming desire to capture this moment in my mind in case I lost her again. She was as perfect as I’d remembered. Small and pale, like the tiny broken creature she’d become. Heaven help me, I couldn’t have her tonight. Not like this. I had to rein in some sort of control over the animal that wanted to spread her out and f**k her senseless straight into the morning. Hours of f*****g her wouldn’t be enough. Once I was there, tight inside her again, I’d never want to leave. Tonight wasn’t going anything like I’d planned, but I was determined that she vividly remember the inevitable moment. In the meantime, I’d sate her and try like hell to keep my resolve.

Her chest labored with breaths, the swell of her breasts tightened with the motion. Her nipples pebbled into taut little rosebuds that begged for my mouth.

“What are you doing?” Her voice was wispy, her body naked and at my mercy.

I licked my lips, transfixed on the hint of glistening flesh between her legs. “I’m hungry.”

“I thought you didn’t want me.”

“Quite the contrary. I want you, and I have every intention of having you.”

“You’re still dressed,” she whispered.

She teased the pads of her toes up my thigh. I became acutely aware of my erection straining inside my jeans, where it would safely stay until she was fully satisfied. I didn’t trust myself.

I caught her traveling foot and replaced it on the bed. “Open up, baby.”

After a moment’s hesitation, she lifted her knees slightly and parted, baring herself for me. I lowered to her, spreading her with my fingers. I was nearly drunk on her scent before I even tasted her. Memories flooded me. I suppressed a groan when I met the wet rush of her sex with my lips and then my tongue. F*****g hell.

I forced myself to go slow, lavishing her with deliberate strokes. I purposefully neglected the taut bundle of nerves that could take her over the edge far too quickly. Even as my resolve hung in the balance, I committed to make this last. When I flickered my tongue over her c**t, she arched off the bed.

“Oh God,” she whimpered.

She sifted her fingers through my hair and tugged it by the roots. The sting only spurred my hunger. She bucked into me, damn near forcing me over her. Forgetting myself, I tongued her mercilessly. I plunged two fingers inside of her, bathing them in her wetness. I massaged the sensitive spot that would set her off like clockwork. She tightened around me almost painfully, her thighs tensing over my shoulders.

“Cam, oh f**k. I’m going to come. Don’t stop.”

A growl escaped me, rumbling through my chest, past my lips, and against her quivering flesh. I gripped her bucking hip with my free hand, forcing her down. She seized around me, letting lose a string of cries that broke in time to the shudders that rocked her frames. Jesus Christ, what I’d do to have another part of myself inside of her now, buried in that warm heaven between her legs.

Unable to take my mouth off of her, I spread kisses over her hips, the swell of her belly, over her breasts and along her collarbone. In seconds, she was writhing beneath me again, tugging feebly at my belt.

“Take this damn thing off.”

I hid a smile and entertained the thought of letting her struggle with it or removing the obstacle myself. I could be inside her so easily. She was more than ready. It would be good, drunk or not. No time between us had ever been anything short of fulfilling. We fit. We always fit, and making her come was addictive, which is why I couldn’t stop tantalizing her even now. I could do this all night and drive us both to the brink of madness.

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