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On My Knees (Page 34)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(34)
Author: Meredith Wild

He tossed away his ammo and relaxed against me. He held me in his gaze. The fog filled the air as we caught our breath.

My smile faded as the reality of our position sank in. My a*s was freezing, but the pressure of his body on me, his thigh between my legs, was warming me damn quick. Before I could come up with something to say to break the sexual tension, his mouth was on me.

CAMERON. Her lips were soft. She sighed softly, melting into me the way she had so many times before. Her scent filled my lungs, a potent rush of memories with it.

I wanted to taste her.

I caught her hair and angled above her, opening her to me. Our tongues met, tentatively at first. A quiet moan hummed through her body, urging me to seek more of her mouth. She was so f*****g sweet. Her hands fisted into my coat, never moving while mine roamed restlessly through her hair and along the soft lines of her face, down the front of her chest.

“Maya…” Her name left me between breaths, momentarily clouding the years that had come between us, as if no time had passed. The dream of us, of who we’d once been, was suddenly real again.

I cursed the layers of winter clothing between us. I wanted her breasts in my palms, every inch of skin exposed for my mouth to roam upon. I wanted to tease her and coax the desire out until she was trembling for it. I wanted her open for me, begging me to take her the way I’d wanted to from the moment I set my eyes on her.

“Cam,” she breathed.

I pressed soft kisses into her now swollen lips, dipping inside with tiny licks, silencing her. She pressed my chest.

“What are we doing?” Her eyes were glossy, and her cheeks flushed with pink.

I blinked away the blur of the overwhelming need I had for her body. I kissed her once more, not wanting the moment to end. “We’re making out in a snow bank. This is totally normal,” I whispered.

She smiled under my lips.

I slid my hand down her thigh and back up under her jacket to the band of her jeans. All joking aside, I was ready to make passionate love to her in a snow bank. Overwhelmed with the urge to touch her, to claim her skin and her body in all the places I’d once been, I slipped my hand over her belly and over the soft curve of her waist.

She giggled, pushing my forearm down, and my hand slipped from her warm flesh.

I stilled. “What?”

“Your hands are freezing.” She laughed, the smile meeting her eyes.

“Oh, s**t. Sorry.”

I went to move when she spoke.

“Don’t stop.”

She slid her fingers through my hair, stilling my retreat. Her tongue slid along her bottom lip. My balls tightened. Christ, I wanted this woman. My brain had no say whether it the right time or not. I needed to be inside her, and soon.

I tightened my grip on her hip. “If I kiss you again, I’m not sure I’ll be able to.”

“Then kiss me,” she whispered.

She pulled me back down to her mouth, fisting her hands tightly, tugging at the root, a sure sign she didn’t want me to stop. I had no plans to.

Time stood still. Nothing mattered but this closeness and having her in my arms. I kissed her jaw, her neck, then her mouth again until we were breathless. Nothing could stop me. Each motion heightened my urgency to have her, taking me higher.

My head buzzed, my heart raced, and I had the unmistakable sensation that I was standing at the edge of a cliff. I had no idea what was at the bottom, but I knew if I slept with her, I would go past the point of no return. I loved her once, and if I fell for her again, I’d never have her out of my system. Yet for all my wanting to wait for the right time, tonight seemed as good a time as ever. And I could show her exactly how I wasn’t like any of the others who’d come before.

The thought of wiping out the memory of any other man in her life spurred me. Sucking her tongue, I lifted her against my thigh, ensuring just the right amount of friction to drive her wild. She moaned, kissing me back with all the fervor I’d come at her with. I was impossibly hard, on fire despite the cold. I couldn’t stop myself.

Her small gasps and moans drove out the inconvenient fact that we were still making out in a snow bank until the sound of distant voices sobered me momentarily. I tore myself away from her lips and the frustrating exploration of her clothed body.

“Damn it.” I caught my breath a minute. Begrudgingly I rose, lifting her with me.

I was an odd mixture of wet and cold and hot and bothered by the time we got vertical again. I didn’t want to let her go, but frankly we couldn’t get much further without public indecency.

“We should head back.” She brushed the wet snow off of her jeans.

“Yeah, we should get you warm.”

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