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On My Knees (Page 3)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(3)
Author: Meredith Wild

He sucked in a sharp breath. I took the cue, satisfied that he was as eager as I was. I hovered over him, notching the blunt tip to my opening, and guided him inside.

He caught my hip, stilling my movement. His eyes were serious, the cool blues dilated. “Go slow. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I complied, resisting the urge to drop down and have all of him inside me at once. Inch by inch he filled me, his gaze never leaving mine. I shifted from desire to relief to pain, back to frenzied need, every transition on display as he watched me work his body into mine.

He kissed my lips gently, breathing in my tiny moans and gasps. I’d taken him to the root, and my body stretched to accommodate him. I tensed against the simultaneous bite of his depth and urge to allay it by riding him hard and fast until I forgot my own name.

His hands traveled up my ribs and down to where my a*s met his thighs and squeezed gently.

“Perfect,” he murmured. “You have no idea how amazing you feel.”

“We fit,” I whispered, tracing the curve of his ear with my tongue. I kissed his neck, sucking the salt from his skin. I filled my lungs with him, intoxicated on the scent, all musk and man.

He lifted and lowered me again slowly, relieving me of the effort to decide how and when to move. I whimpered, overwhelmed with sensation. Unable to escape the searing pleasure of being filled after such an absence, I clung to him. I gripped his shoulders, hoping they could anchor me through the impending storm.

Our bodies fell into a steady rhythm. The flutter of desire that started low in my belly grew with every stroke. Bold and demanding, I kissed him like the starved creature I’d become with distance.

He shifted his hips so I could take him deeper. I threw my head back and cried out as pleasure took its hold. My breasts became heavy and tender as he sucked my nipples to hard hypersensitive points. I gasped and tightened around his penetration, increasing the friction of every thrust.

He worked me over his c**k until my grip on reality began to slip. I wanted to make this last for both of us, but he was launching my body into overload. Sweat misted over my skin.

I groaned. I needed an o****m like I needed my next breath. I matched his thrusts, leveraging them with my weight to drive him deeper. My body was slick around him. He pumped quickly and easily. Faster, harder. My mind was lost in a flurry of silent wants and demands. Anything to bring us closer.

“Maya, look at me.” He wove his fingers through my hair, bringing my focus back to him.

Our gazes locked on each other, our breathing ragged and uneven. Something in his half-lidded eyes and the firm set of his jaw as he thrust inside me broke through my single-minded need to come. The fierceness in his next thrust robbed me of air. My jaw dropped in a soundless cry. I thought my heart might explode if he held me this way much longer, but I couldn’t escape… Didn’t want to.

“Cam.” The quiet plea signaled a certain surrender. I was giving him everything now. My body, my heart, my trust.

“I’ve got you.” The rasp of his promise sent a tingle over my skin.

Cameron wasn’t only f*****g me. He was loving me with every touch. Caressing my lips with his, guiding my motions with a firm grasp at my hip. Churning inside me with a fierce pressure that had me on the brink of rapture, he satisfied every raw need, inside and out.

He licked the pad of his thumb and rubbed tiny expert circles over my c**t. I shifted over him, thrashing and grabbing as the tension mounted within.

“Oh my God,” I cried.

“That’s it. Stay with me.” He held me tight, holding my focus and forcing me to pinpoint all my energy on his eyes, now dark and intense.

“I’m going to come… Oh, f**k.” I squeezed my eyes closed, unable to focus on anything. I could only feel.

And I felt everything.

Everywhere we met clashed and clenched, as if something precious might slip away if we didn’t hold on for dear life. His c**k lengthened, throbbing and rigid, as he drove his pelvis deep into my sensitive tissues. I dug my nails into his skin, raking down his chest as mindless release took over.

“F**k,” he growled.

My eyes flew open. The sight of him losing that last thread of control did me in. The o****m, the weight of our separation and our love, and the acute need to be f****d like I’d never been f****d before, crashed down onto me like a tidal wave. Pleasure and relief racked my body with a string of violent shudders. I screamed. I grabbed feebly at the bed behind him, fisting the fabric in an attempt to ground myself to earth when my body was soaring with delirious pleasure.

“I love you. Love you so much.” I suppressed a sob as the words left me. Tears prickled the corners of my eyes as I came back down.

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