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On My Knees (Page 2)

On My Knees (Bridge #1)(2)
Author: Meredith Wild

“Maya,” he breathed, breaking our contact with the words.

“What?” I got lost in his eyes, never wanting any of this to end. I’d never loved him more. My soul was brimming for everything I felt for this man.

He hesitated, seeming to search for words as I had before. Before I could press him, he pulled me into another wild kiss, deep and passionate. I moaned, losing my ability to think clearly as our bodies shifted over each other. A hand slid down my thigh and back up, cupping my butt over the thin cotton of my panties. He toyed with the hem before pushing them down my hips. They fell to my knees, and I kicked them off the rest of the way.

He pushed the thin straps over my shoulders, and my dress fell to the floor. His heated gaze roved over my nakedness. Until now, his eyes hadn’t left mine. My skin burned under his touch as he caressed down my arm, over the jut of my hip, over my a*s to press me to him firmly again.

I roamed my hands over the hardened planes of his stomach. Eager to see and feel all of him, I shoved his shirt up and he tugged it off. God, he was gorgeous. Every muscle was more pronounced, taut and lean. I ran my fingers over the curves of his abdomen, over his pectorals, and down the corded muscles of his arms. I bit my lip, unable to hide my smile.

“You approve?”

“You’re like a different person.” Physically anyway, he was a new man. He’d been gorgeous before, but this was icing on the cake…with a cherry on top.

“I’m not all different,” he muttered.

“I hope not.” I wanted nothing more than to find out for myself. I wanted all of him, now, at once, and for as long as possible. I kissed his chest, dragging my tongue over the hard muscles straining under his tightened skin. Slowly I lowered to my knees. I looked up at him, emboldened by the heated lust in his eyes. Unfastening his pants, I tugged them low enough to access the hard length of his erection loosely reined in through his boxer briefs.

He flinched under the cotton. I breathed hot air through them and traced the outline of the head with my tongue. I hooked my fingers over the band, ready to release every delicious inch of him.

“Wait.” His voice strained.

“I want you.”

He caught me by the hair. “It’s been too long. I won’t last with your mouth on me. Come here.”

He lowered next to me. Sitting on the floor with his back to the bed, he guided me to straddle him. A fleeting shyness warmed me as I spread my legs wide astride him, my nakedness on display.

His lips parted. His gaze journeyed over my curves, his hands following its path. “Jesus, Maya. You’re so beautiful.”

My cheeks heated. “You’re just saying that because you’ve been starved and tortured for months.”

“No, I’m saying that because you’re the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever laid eyes on.” He leaned in and kissed me, wrapping his arms tightly around me. “Mmm, missed these sweet lips.”

He grazed over my ribs and over my breasts, squeezing them and teasing the tender tips. “And these.”

His eyes darkened. His touch blazed a path between my thighs. Tantalizing me with light touches, he sifted through my curls to tease the wet folds of my arousal.

“I missed this too,” he whispered, licking his lower lip.

I gasped and leaned eagerly into his touch, wanting more. I brought us chest-to-chest, rabid for the feel of his skin against mine. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him frantically.

“I want you inside me.” I jerked my hips against his touch, a silent plea for more. Heat rushed over me, my lips tingling from the urgency of our kissing.

His fingers answered, dipping into me. I clenched around him and moaned at the penetration, rocking into his hand.

“More.” I wanted so much more.

He slipped another finger inside and massaged the tender flesh, f*****g me gently until I grew slick around him. He rubbed the rush of moisture over my c**t and back inside. Flames of desire licked over my skin. My hips pumped against his deliberately slow movements.

“Cam, please. I’m going crazy.”

“I want you ready for me.”

“I’ve been ready for weeks.”

He lifted me slightly and pushed down his pants and boxers, revealing the thick virile c**k I’d fantasized about more times than I could remember. If sex with Cameron were a drug, I was fully prepared to overdose. I’d never wanted anything so damn bad.

I shivered in anticipation, circling his hot flesh with both hands, milking him. A bead of moisture glistened at the tip. My mouth watered. I wanted to taste him. We’d have time for that. Right now I needed him inside me before I lost my ever-loving mind.

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