A Humble Heart (Page 68)

A Humble Heart (Hollywood Hearts #1)(68)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

Dana started to silently cry at his kind words. “Thank you, Rick,” she managed to say.

He patted her hand. “If he hurts you, which I doubt he will, I am going to kick his a*s. I won’t stand by and watch you suffer again.”

She laughed softly. “Thank you, Rick.”


Edward exhaled slowly as he watched Dana walk towards him. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. Seth put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed. Lucas stood next to Seth and smiled and nodded at him. Cole stood to his right, fidgeting with his cummerbund.

Cole reached up and took his hand. “Mommy’s weelly pretty.”

He smiled down at his son. “She most certainly is.”

She was only a feet from him now. Rick stopped and kissed her wet cheek and told her he loved her. Dana could only nod, she was crying so hard now. Rick took her hand and gave it to Edward who gently pulled her forward.

“Baby, you’re not supposed to cry on your wedding day,” he said softly, which only made her cry harder. Edward gently wiped away the tears. Cole released his hand and decided he would rather stand between the two of them. He clasped his hands together and waited patiently for the Justice of the Peace to marry his parents.

“We are gathered here today to join together Edward Thomas Pierce and Dana Elizabeth Mathews in holy matrimony. Nothing makes me happier than to see two people committed to each other and forming a single soul under the covenant of Marriage. Who gives this woman away?” the Justice of the Peace asked.

Cole piped up, “Me!”

The JP smiled as he looked down at the little boy. “Oh, and who are you, young man?”

“Cole Edward Pierce!” he belted out, earning a few chuckles from the crowd. Dana changed his middle name from Richard to Edward when the adoption was finalized. Edward smiled proudly that day when he read Cole’s official name. Cole jumped up and down for a good half hour telling everyone in the court house that he loved his daddy.

“I will now ask if there is any man or woman here who objects to this union?” he said as he looked towards the guests. No one spoke or so much as moved.

“Edward, do you take Dana as your bride, to love, honor and respect to your dying day? To forsake all others making her happiness and well being your sole responsibility? In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer till death do you part?”

“I do,” Edward said firmly.

“Dana, do you take Edward as your husband, to love, honor and respect to your dying day? To forsake all others, making his happiness and wellbeing your sole responsibility? In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer till death do you part?”

“I do,” Dana answered as tears began to roll down her cheeks faster. Edward reached up and gently wiped them away. This romantic gesture proved too much for most of the women in the audience if the loud sobs were any indication.

“May I have the rings?” he asked.

Seth pulled out two silver wedding bands and handed them to the JP. “These rings are a symbol of your commitment to this marriage and to each other. Edward, take this ring and place it on Dana’s finger and say your vows please.”

Edward placed the ring on her finger. “Dana, before you entered my life I was an empty shell. You have brought me joy, happiness and acceptance. I can’t imagine my life without you or our beautiful children. I promise I will love you to my dying day, Dana.”

Dana squeezed his hand. “Dana, take this ring and place it on Edward’s finger and say your vows please.”

“Edward, you have been the most amazing surprise in my life. I have never met a man who made me happier. You are kind, honest, caring, and loving. I couldn’t have asked for a better father for our children or a better man I would want as my husband. I love you so much.” She slipped the ring on his finger.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. Edward, you may kiss the bride.” Edward leaned down and kissed Dana tenderly.

“I would like to introduce Edward and Dana Pierce,” the Justice of the Pease announced.

“Ahem!” Cole cleared his throat loudly.

The JP laughed. “I’m sorry Edward, Dana”

“Elizabeth,” Cole whispered.

“Elizabeth and Cole Pierce,” the JP said, winning an approving smile from Cole.

Elizabeth jumped from Deana’s arms wearing a pretty pink dress. Edward picked her up in one arm and grabbed Cole in the other. Dana put her hand on his arm. He proudly walked his family down the aisle as their guests stood clapping.


“So, Mrs. Pierce, were you surprised?” Edward asked as he led Dana around the dance floor under the huge white tent that took up most of their backyard.

“Very. You sir, are a very sneaky man,” she said with a teasing smile.

He shrugged. “I may have had a little help.”

“A little?” Amy repeated in disbelief as her partner moved her around the dance floor.

“Okay, a lot of help.”

“You guys did a wonderful job. It was the perfect wedding,” Dana said, kissing her new husband.

“May I cut in?” Lucas asked.

“Yes, but I’m watching you,” Edward said jokingly as he handed Dana over.

“I can’t believe you’re married.” Lucas said.

“Neither can I,” she sighed.

“I also can’t believe he pulled this off without you figuring it out,” Lucas said.

“I’m a little shocked by all of this,” Dana said, looking around. The dance floor was full of happy couples. Edward was now dancing with his sister. Elizabeth was dancing with Rick and Cole was running away from a little girl who was determined to kiss him.

“My turn,” Eric announced beside them. Lucas kissed her cheek before handing her off.

“So, Mrs. Pierce, I have a question. How would you like your credit for Rogue and this new movie we’re about to shoot on Monday?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Dana Pierce. I’m giving up Mathews completely.”

“I figured that. That’s why I had the paperwork sent through yesterday to change that before the film’s release,” Eric said. “You know there are going to be a lot of girls crying themselves to sleep tonight when this leaks out.”

“Oh, and who is going to leak it?” she asked, smiling.

Eric nodded towards Mark, who was dancing with his wife. “Edward is giving him an exclusive of course.”

She nodded approvingly. “Good, Mark is the perfect person to handle the announcement.”

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