A Humble Heart (Page 67)

A Humble Heart (Hollywood Hearts #1)(67)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

“Oh s**t,” he groaned, realizing his mistake. She was moving too hard and fast and he was losing control of himself quickly. “Dana….oh, baby, no…..f**k yeah…no, slow down!” he groaned, no longer sure which he should hope for.

She continued the pace even after he removed his thumb. “Dana! Dana!” he growled. She milked him for all he was worth and didn’t stop. The sensations were too much too soon.

He squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his teeth as she moved on him. She threw her head back, moving faster and faster on him. Tingling sensations spread over his body. She began to moan loudly in pleasure. Her cl**ax pulled him harder inside, squeezing him like a vibrating vice. It was then that he did something he’d never done in his entire life. He came a second time in less than two minutes.


“Oh f**k, Dana! Argh!” he yelled as his entire body trembled violently. She dropped against him, panting.

“Guys, are you okay?” Seth asked as he slammed open the door and ran into the room. “Oh s**t! I’m sorry I heard yelling….I didn’t mean to….damn, I’m so sorry…..” Seth stammered. He covered his eyes and turned around, but didn’t leave.

Dana’s face burned as she struggled to get off Edward. “Sorry we scared you, Seth. We were just….umm….,” she stammered as she searched frantically for her clothes. She bit her lip and looked at Edward who was struggling to catch his breath. She yanked on her nightie and underwear quickly.

Edward fixed his pants, but didn’t move. He was still panting. “Is it safe yet?” Seth asked.

“Yes,” Dana mumbled.

Seth turned around and gave them a crooked smile. Edward sat back weakly in the chair, trying to catch his breath. “Damn, Dana, I think you killed him.”

A huge smile spread over Edward’s face and he nodded weakly. Dana felt her face burn even hotter. Edward reached up and pulled her back onto his lap. He pulled her tightly against him. His hands worked quickly to make sure that she was covered. He kissed her chin, cheek and finally her lips.

“I must be doing something wrong, because I’ve never made a woman scream like that,” Seth mused.

Edward didn’t miss the very amused look on his friend’s face. He noticed Seth was dressed and his hair was damp. “Do we have to go now?” he asked breathlessly.

“I’m afraid so,” Seth said wryly.

“I’ll see you later, baby,” he said to Dana. He helped her to her feet as he stood up.

Dana looked nervous.

“Don’t worry. Tyler’s in the kitchen. Amy and Deana are here, too. They have the kids with them,” Seth said.

Relief spread through her body. She wasn’t ready to be alone in the house just yet. Edward led her out of the room and paused in front of their room. “I’m taking Cole with me for a little man time. Rick will be here soon so you should get dressed. See you later, sweetheart.” He gave her a playful slap on her a*s, sending her in the direction of their room before he left. She swore he strutted down the hall.

Chapter 16

“Can we please take a break, Rick? We’ve been trapped in this room for four hours,” Dana pleaded.

Rick looked at his watch for the hundredth time. “Yeah, I guess so. I promised Eric and Amy you would try on the dress,” he said.


“Yes, it’s a designer gown for the movie. You’re shooting in two days so they need to pin it today if it’s going to be ready in time.”

“Okay, anything as long as I get a break,” she said, jumping to her feet.

Rick strolled over to the door and opened it. “Amy, she’s ready for you.”

Amy walked in carrying a gown bag. She was dressed up in a beautiful light pink floral dress. “Wow, Amy, you look great!” Dana said.

“Thank you. I have a date this afternoon,” she said, quickly.

“Oh, please go. Don’t let me hold you up. I can do this.”

“Oh, it’s not until later and I promised to get you dressed up and help with make-up so they could get the complete affect,” Amy said.

“Okay, we might as well get started now. Where’s Elizabeth?” Dana asked. She hadn’t seen her daughter in a few hours. It wasn’t like her not to check on Dana and ask to play this or that.

“She’s playing,” Amy said quickly. “Okay, let’s get you dressed.”

“If you’ll excuse me, ladies,” Rick said.

Dana realized Amy wanted her to change in the office. She was too tired to argue so she did. “Wow, this is a really beautiful dress,” she said, looking down at the silky smooth gown.

“You think so?” Amy asked. There was something in her tone rather than simple curiosity.

“Yes, I think it’s the prettiest gown I’ve ever seen,” Dana said.

“Good!” Amy beamed up at her.

A half hour later Dana was dressed and her make-up was thankfully done. She didn’t think she could take any more prodding and pocking at the moment.

“Hmm, I think it looks right, but I can’t really tell in this light,” Amy said, looking her up and down.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Dana asked, trying to take her eyes off the beautiful gown.

“Let’s go outside. Eric is waiting to make sure it looks good,” Amy said.

“Okay. Then I really need a break.”

“Of course,” Amy said, giving her a crooked smile.

They walked through the house. It was eerily quiet, too quiet for a house with a six year old inside. The sliding glass door was wide open. Panic seared through her veins. Where was Elizabeth? Before she could ask, Rick stepped into the kitchen wearing a tux. He held out his hand to her.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Ready? For what?” she asked, suddenly nervous.

“I’ll see you in a minute,” Amy said, stepping past them.

Rick took her hand and placed it in the crook of his arm. He covered her hand with his and led her outside. Dana gasped when she saw all her friends, Edward’s friends, and his family standing up in front of white chairs, facing her.

The wedding march began playing with an upbeat tempo. “That’s our cue, Dana,” Rick said softly as he led her around the pool onto the lawn.

“Rick?” she croaked.

He laughed softly. “They were going to have Cole do the honors, but I demanded the right,” he said as he walked her towards the large group of smiling guests. “I felt I should give you away. I’ve known you the longest. I’ve seen you through your divorce. Held your hand through your first book printing and you’ve become my best friend and one of the most important people in my life. You’re part of my family and I wanted the honor of seeing you start your new life. I love you, Dana, and I’m so proud of you,” Rick said.

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